How it works

How It Works


  • The Process

    At Expert Academic Help, the process of placing an order involves the following;
    First, fill in the order form with all the necessary details. Try as much to include all the important details so that it can be easy for our experts to deliver the work as per your specific requirements. For details and attachments that you may not submit through the order form, please send them to our email.
    On hitting the submit button, your details will be sent to us. Our quality assurance department will assess your work and send a price quote with a link to pay as soon as possible. Upon receiving the payment for your work, we will assign it to one of our expert writers suitable to handle the paper.
    We will then proceed to complete your assignment so as to deliver the work on or before the deadline. If there will be any details that we will need, we will send an email to the address you provided while placing the order.

  • Tracking your Order

    You may, once in a while, want to know the status of your work. Our experts are always at your disposal to help you. If you would like to know the status of your assignment, kindly come to our website and use our chat service so that you can make an inquiry. You can also send an email to us and we will get back to you at the earliest with information on the far we have reached with your order. We also, occasionally, send drafts of the work so that you can have a look at them to ensure that everything is coming along well. We would like to warn you however that these drafts are not a reflection of the final product that we will be delivering, since the drafts have not gone through the editing process where our quality control experts look at the work to ensure all the requirements have been met.

  • Order Completion: Stages

    Once you have placed your order, the details of your work is looked at by our support team and based on those requirements, the work is assigned to an expert writer of the respective field and education level. The completed work then goes through our quality control department where we have a team of quality control experts who go through the work to ensure that all the requirements have been met and that the quality standards have been observed. The work is then submitted to you once the Quality Control team have given their approval. The process may seem time consuming but it is worth it considering the quality of the work we look to deliver. You however do not need to worry about anything, we promise to deliver quality and professional work on time.

  • Additional Details that May be of Help

    Please ensure that in submitting your order details, indicate everything correctly and don't ignore any details, including the number of references. For any details that you may not be able to submit through the order form, send them as soon as possible to our email:
    We also request that for any updates, maybe from your lecturer or you, during the time in which we are completing the work, kindly send them to our email so that we can incorporate them. Please note that if these updates are sent late and they affect a significant portion of the work, you may be requested to make some variance payment.
    Expert Academic Help also offers 
    free revisions, whereby you can request for unlimited number of revisions for your work within the first month from when the initial delivery of the work was done. This revisions policy is however subject to "no change of the initial instructions". Any change of the initial instructions may attract some charges.

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