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A literature review is one of the important assignments you will often be required to do in your academic career. Literature review papers often accompany your dissertations, capstone projects, thesis, and research papers among other very important papers. You may also be required to develop a stand-alone literature review paper, often referred to as scientific literature review. Literature review papers are quite important as they provide the basis upon which your work intends to accomplish its objectives. They provide the context for your work and gives a reasoning on ways with which your work intends to provide novel ideas on the subject matter.

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Writing an excellent literature review would require you to have a good grasp of the subject matter you are working on. You must be able to apply this knowledge to the work you are handling. Finding the relevant and credible sources to back up your assertions in the paper would also be quite important and thus it is important that you include them. It is, therefore, clear that writing a literature review is such an exhaustive process. If you are one of the people in such a situation, we come to you bearing good news. The good news is that Expert Writers Bay is there to help you with your literature review and the better news is that we offer these writing services at very fair prices. It is fair to say that is one of the cheapest literature review services.

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In writing your literature review; be it a dissertation, research paper or even a scientific literature review, we follow a number of steps. The process first start with the research on the topic and gathering of relevant sources from reputable journals and libraries. The most important things to put into consideration when performing research to gather information for use in the literature review include consideration of the age of your sources. Unless requested otherwise by the client, our writers often use literature sources written within the last 10 years. The reason we do this is to ensure that the information used in your work is up to date. Once enough data has been gathered, the writer then synthesizes the information and develop a perfect literature review paper. Common questions to ask when writing a literature review include the following;

  • Are the sources chosen relevant to the topic under study?
  • Do the information in the sources gathered provide support to the thesis statement and justification of the research objectives?
  • Can the chosen sources answer the research questions?

If the answers to all the above questions are in affirmative, then you are good to proceed with your work.